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The best Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Aquafaba ever!




This vegan chocolate mousse is every chocolate lover’s dream. With just 3 components, it couldn’t be much easier to make. As well as the aquafaba offers this tasty vegan dessert the most amazing cosy texture.
Vegan delicious chocolate mousse on a spoon, showing its ventilated cosy texture.
Pure chocolate decadence. Or … sheer cosy delicious chocolate happiness. As well as I’m prepared to wager the really last spoonful of this vegan chocolate mousse that you’ll like it too.

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The basis of this vegan mousse is aquafaba– a previously neglected and also underappreciated ingredient that’s been making headings recently. It’s almost everywhere. And also with good reason too– unlike lots of trends and also Pinterest hacks that generally do not work (in any way) … this set in fact does. And it’s fantastic.

It’s the aquafaba that provides this vegan mousse it’s light and fluffy appearance– which, combined with deliciously rich chocolate, makes this basic vegan treat every delicious chocolate lover’s desire. Have I discussed it’s extremely fast and also easy to make? As well as it only requires 3 components, all of which you probably have in your cupboard now!
Vegan delicious chocolate mousse in two glasses with delicious chocolate shavings and also raspberries.
We’ll obtain right into the information of the dish soon (spoiler alert: there’s a whole lotta whipping involved), yet … very first point’s.

Aquafaba is the fancier (and catchier) name for the chickpea cooking water. Usually talking, the term can be applied to the cooking water of any bean, however chickpeas are the most usual choice. And lately, it’s obtained so popular, it even has its very own internet site!

This facility mix of water, carbs, healthy proteins and also soluble plant solids is every vegan’s desire. It has emulsifying, frothing, binding, gelatinising and enlarging residential properties, which essentially indicates that it can be whipped like egg whites as well as used to hold together cakes and also various other bakes (without them getting too crumbly) … much like egg whites.
Basically, aquafaba is practically the perfect egg white alternative, and also the answer to the egg-free as well as vegan baking as well as cooking troubles. Well, a minimum of some of them.

Far, it’s been made use of in whatever from meringues and also macarons, to muffins and cakes– with seemingly great outcomes. I state “relatively” because I utilized to be highly sceptical. The last time I attempted whipping aquafaba, all I managed to get was a somewhat foamy chickpea-tasting … soup? Not precisely encouraging.

As it ended up, the blame had not been with the aquafaba. It was with my absence of perseverance. As you’ll see in a couple of paragraphs, 5 mins can imply the distinction in between that foamy soup as well as soft cosy excellence.

If you want more information about aquafaba, below are some good reviews:

Great old Wiki has an entire web page dedicated to it.
A great summary (including its background … which obviously consists of a Facebook group) in The Guardian.
As well as, obviously, an information-packed blog post in The Kitchn.
All of it begins with only 3 ingredients: an entire lotta top quality delicious chocolate, aquafaba and also sugar.
Yes, using an excellent quality chocolate is important– with there being no cream and no other active ingredients to add their flavour to this vegan mousse, the flavour comes exclusively from the delicious chocolate. Use a delicious chocolate you like. A low quality or sub-par delicious chocolate will lead to a poor quality, average mousse. (And also we don’t desire that.).

Process of making vegan delicious chocolate mousse: the ingredients– chopped delicious chocolate, aquafaba and also sugar.
First, we’ll melt the chocolate over a bain marie, also known as a pot of simmering water. Once melted, established it apart to cool down, while we work up the aquafaba and sugar.

Right here’s where perseverance comes in. Whipping aquafaba takes longer than whipping egg whites– indeed, despite a stand or hand mixer. Right here’s exactly how the aquafaba+ sugar mixture takes care of 5 mins of whipping at medium-high speed in a stand mixer:.
Refine of making vegan chocolate mousse: aquafaba after 5 min whipping.
Not all that excellent? It certainly wouldn’t make an extremely wonderful mousse.

It’s appealing, at this point, to simply give up and also decide that this entire aquafaba thing is a fraud.
Hold on. Wait a min (or five). Below’s exactly how it takes care of 10 mins:.

Refine of making vegan delicious chocolate mousse: aquafaba after 10 minute whipping.
Process of making vegan chocolate mousse: whipped aquafaba on a whisk with a tight peak holding its form.
What a distinction, best?! Look at that cosy, ventilated perfection! And the taste, the appearance … oh my!

Lastly, we’ll fold in the dissolved chocolate, which is definitely the very best action of the entire dish– I love exactly how the bows of delicious chocolate form in the whipped aquafaba, like tasty chocolatey art.

Refine of making vegan delicious chocolate mousse: thawed delicious chocolate being folded up right into whipped aquafaba.
Then, all that’s left to do is to spoon the vegan chocolate mousse right into glasses and cool for at the very least an hour before serving.

Ummm … yes. Very much so.

There’s nothing not to like about this vegan delicious chocolate mousse. It’s as light and airy as the best chocolate mousse available, with that said extravagant structure we all understand an love.

Vegan chocolate mousse on a spoon, revealing its airy fluffy texture.
You can’t taste the chickpeas in any way– it’s all pleasant chocolate goodness. Just, with no eggs or cream as well as various other dairy products. Which is outstanding, also if you do not have any type of special nutritional demands.
Because the lack of these other active ingredients means that the delicious chocolate has a chance to radiate through in all its glory. Obviously, you could conveniently customize and also tweak the mousse, probably with a dashboard of vanilla or a pinch of chilli powder.

But in its significance, this dessert celebrates chocolate. And also I’m flawlessly fine with that.

1. Should I cook my own chickpeas, or can I make use of the aquafaba from tinned chickpeas?
Short answer: both work.

Lengthy answer: I choose cooking my very own chickpeas, just since I understand that there are no unusual preservatives as well as ingredients in my aquafaba. Along with possible health side-effects, I find that the ingredients typically impact the taste (instead unhappily).

2. Why can not I obtain my aquafaba to develop tight optimals?
There can be numerous factors:

Not whipping the aquafaba enough time– see the post and dish. You ought to whip them for at the very least 10 minutes.
If you’ve cooked your own chickpeas, possibly the aquafaba isn’t concentrated sufficient– lower it somewhat by cooking off several of the fluid.
In some cases, adding a pinch of lotion of tartar helps (it imitates a stabilising representative).
3. How long does it take to blend aquafaba?
Generally, at least 10 minutes. The local time will depend upon just how focused or runny your aquafaba is, if you’re whipping it by itself or with sugar, how much aquafaba you’re trying to work up … Simply hold your horses and allow it do its point.

4. How much aquafaba is one egg?
3 tbsps of aquafaba is (around) equivalent to one egg, while 2 tbsps of aquafaba is equivalent to one egg white. Or so I’m informed.

5. What else can you make with aquafaba?
The list is virtually unlimited! I have actually seen it made use of to make meringues, macarons, cookies, cakes, muffins, and also extra! You can most definitely expect to see more aquafaba consisting of recipes on The Loopy Whisk in the brand-new few weeks and months.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse


7 oz (200 g) premium quality dark chocolate, chopped
1/2 mug (120 mL) aquafaba
1/2 mug (100 g) white sugar (Note 1).


In a heat-proof dish above simmering water, thaw the chocolate. Set apart to cool.

In a stand mixer, or making use of a hand mixer with the dual beater attachments, whip the aquafaba and also sugar up until the blend creates tight peaks. This will take a minimum of 10 minutes (see article for more information).

Fold up the a little cooled down melted chocolate right into the whipped aquafaba till it’s consistently included as well as no streaks of chocolate remain.

Spoon the mousse into serving glasses and also chill for at least 1 hour.

Serve with delicious chocolate shavings and some raspberries.Enjoy!

Linda Barbara

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